Andy Ditchfield

Andy is the main writer and producer in DeeExpus, which he founded with Tony Wright, an old school chum, in 2007. Influenced by many different styles of music, Andy's moments of epiphany came on listening to Porcupine Tree's "In Absentia", and then subsequently seeing the band live. From that moment, he knew what he wanted the band to be and where he wanted it to go.

After recording their first album, Halfway Home, the band's third gig was filmed for their DVD in Katowice, coming together live brilliantly, after initial trepidation.

After playing (amongst others) the Cambridge Rock Festival and Rosfest 2010 in Gettysburg, the second album, "The King of Number 33" was released in 2012. After a number of unfortunate illnesses in the band, Andy has taken up the vocal duties and the band have since supported Marillion on their UK tour and again at the Marillion weekend in Holland.

Andy plays on the title track, Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed.