Quotes and Interviews

"Nothing you’ve heard before will prepare you for the audacity on show on this record. [...]
Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed is the most shocking, courageous, technicolour fusion of musical ideas I’ve heard in a long, long time" - Chris McGarel, OneMetal.com

"The album is a ground-breaking, complex work of art. It teems with invention, easily standing out from the rest of the crowd with its unique brand of pop, prog and electronica in heavy, mellow, melodic and emotionally powerful vibes... [...]
I’ve been enthusing over this album. Buy it and get blown away with the way it works on so many levels." - Lady Obscure, LadyObscure.com

"A special episode featuring an extended interview with Simon Godfrey and Robert Ramsay [...]
Si and Rob talk about the musical and lyrical themes in the album, we play the record in full, and hear some tunes by other bands which were influential in the way Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed has become." - The European Perspective Shineback Special

"Josh Almond, musician, producer and podcaster interviews Simon about the album." - Josh Almond's Radio Interview with Simon

Video Interview with Lady Obscure: Part 1

Video Interview with Lady Obscure: Part 2