Henry Rogers

Entering into this world on the sixth day of June, nineteen hundred and ninety one, Henry William Rogers was always going to be a drummer.

His first lessons as a teenager were under the wing of a Big Band drummer, and Hen developed a passion for Jazz and still considers no other music style to push the boundaries of rhythm more. Incorporating the endurance and passion of Jazz with his broad love of Funk and Progressive Rock, Hen has adopted a very unique and versatile style of playing giving a fresh punchy take on every project he turns his hands and feet to.

Having spent the early part of his teens filled with enthused practice and performance, playing in various local bands around his home town of Stoke on Trent, Hen found himself approached by Final Conflict, a long established Progressive Rock band with 6 studio albums under their belts. During his time with the band he gained valuable experience touring Europe and the UK playing large festivals, and music venues including the prestigious Wyspianski Theatre in Katowice, Poland, with the show being filmed for a DVD release by the band.

Over the last few years, Hen's ability has gone from strength to strength, and has secured him full time positions with critically acclaimed and award winning bands Touchstone and DeeExpus and an incredible new experimental progressive band Nerve Toy Trio. This time has seen Hen play some major festivals (High Voltage, RoSFest, Cambridge Rock Festival), gain valuable recording experience (Nerve Toy Trio - The Hard Cell, released through Burning Shed, Touchstone – The City Sleeps, and DeeExpus – The King of Number 33).

Hen plays on the title track, Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed.