As The Rain (Blog 5)


Dora finally wakes from her dream experiment but the person that rises from the pillow, is a very different creature to the one that fell asleep the night before. She remembers everything now; every memory of her abuse is back and her resolve to do something terrible in the name of justice is suddenly unshakable.

She gathers up a knife from the kitchen table and travels to her father’s house. Knocking on the door, Vernon lets her in, little suspecting that in doings so he is entering the last few minutes of his life.

One of the last songs I wrote for the album and features a number of elements to which I am eternally grateful to my co-producer Tim Lawrie for. Tim not only came up with a lot of the visual concepts behind the album artwork (rendered brilliantly by art designer Brian Mitchell), he spent many hours looking at how best to incorporate the musical and lyrical elements together. One of his most creative notions was to use a vocoder or heavily autotuned harmony vocal to represent either the trio of characters known as The Envoys or their influence upon those around them. In this instance to reflect the change in Dora’s personality, we introduced the vocoder to Danny’s voice that imbues her with a slightly detached from reality quality.

It was a brilliant suggestion and Tim’s subtle work on the album in matters of this nature really helped to glue all the disparate elements together to form a cohesive whole.


I've been lost for so long
Didn't know how to move on
And everything was as it ought to
As the pain, as the rain