Drawn Outside (Blog 3)


Dora senses a presence outside the house and goes to investigate.

When constructing the initial building blocks of songs using samples and loops, it’s important to stamp your own mark upon them otherwise you’re simply arranging noises rather than creating something original. As a result, I tried to employ some level of sonic manipulation as often as possible. In this case, I decided write the track and then reverse the entire song before adding the vocals. It’s right out of the 1960s playbook but hey, if it’s ain’t broke, don’t fix!

As a result of the reversal, I was very happy with how the vocals interacted with the chords in all sorts of unexpected ways and it introduces one of my favourite group of characters in Dora’s dream world; the Envoys.


Silence, slips into my world
And it follows, into my dreams
Moonbeams flicker across my room
And in a twilight, your thoughts will be broken