Fears Aren't Toys


A song which features one of the best contemporary guitarists on the UK scene right now, Dec Burke (singer/guitarist in Brave New Sky, solo artist, and formerly of Frost* and Darwin’s Radio). Dec is such an easy guy to get along with and we’ve had many a giggle sharing stages together over the years. I asked him if he’d be prepared to play on the album and happily not only did he say yes, he provided a fantastic performance to what I think is one of the highlight songs on the album.

This is the moment where Dora’s past is pulled apart when Dominic tells her he is not an elder brother but is in fact her real father. That might sound Star Wars but a variant of this did actually happen to one of my friends some years back. It goes to show just how easily our seemingly solid lives can be totally flipped upon its head by simple information that in turn, impart complex repercussions.

Musically I sought to echo Dora’s sudden change in worldview with an equally dramatic switch in style and feel at the end of the song. It’s also features an un-credited (until now) whisper of ‘come with me’ from Tinyfish bass player Paul Worwood, playing the part of Vernon, who’s claim to be Dora’s biological parent is now thrown into doubt by Dominic’s admission.


The lyrics for this one wrote themselves. I just wrote down the dialog between Dora and Dominic, and that's how it turned out.


When it's dark
You're confused
Playing back these scenes
Words that cry
In your mind
Keys that open doors

Who am I?
Ask yourself
Can I be two things?
Brother dear
But you fear
Father after all

But fears aren't toys
And neither are my memories
What you've said
What you've done I won't forget

If it's true or if it's real
I can't let you be him - only
When we played those years gone by
I loved you like a real brother - why?

One face false
One face real
His the broken mask
You forget
How we met
By your mother's side

Come with me, come back
My daughter...