May You Live In Interesting Times (Blog 1)


When I first spoke to Robert about creating a story about a fictional woman who effectively blogs from her dreams, the first thing out of his mouth was; ‘Well you’ll need to write a song about falling asleep first’. He had a point but this was easier said than done. How on earth do you create a song about falling unconscious that doesn’t end in snoring and drool? This was my initial and to be honest, best attempt (there are some other versions floating around on my hard disk) at kicking the story off. For some reason it reminds me of Echolyn but maybe that’s because I’d been listening to a lot to their album Mei at the time.

This is the moment of Dora’s first blog entry she sets her camera down beside her bed and begins the experiment which will expose her to the deepest, darkest parts of both her memory and subconscious.

All the blog entries are sung by the inimitable Danny Claire and are supposedly delivered directly at the imaginary camera she takes with her. The rest is sung by yours truly posing as her inner thoughts, the Envoys (a trio of beings who are effectively the curators of her unconscious) or the character Dominic. The only other significant presence is Dora’s abusive real life father who is played (incredibly well I think) by Tinyfish bass player Paul Worwood during the track Xo Va Yu.


I'm trying hard, to fall asleep
To fall deep