Xo Va Yu


I wanted to have a track where Dominic and Vernon came to blows with one another but short of adding Batman style ‘WHAM!’ and ‘BAMs!’ into the mix, I abandoned the idea in favour of Dora trying to make a call to her sleeping self in an attempt to wake up. Unfortunately while on the call, she encounters Vernon intent on causing her more harm. In the end, she is saved by Dominic and finally convinced of his claim to be her real father; she leaves the dream phone dangling and instead chooses to face the Saint Of Doors.

There were many people I had in mind to play the creepy character of Dora’s original father but the last person I would have expected to fill that role was that of Tinyfish bass player Paul Worwood. If you’ve ever met Paul, you’d know he’s one of the sweetest, funniest men on the planet and a brilliant father to two sons of his own. He’d been working with me a lot however as co-engineer during the writing sessions at the start of the project and grown to understand both the concept and the characters intimately.

Once in front of the microphone, Paul fell into the character of Vernon and created one of the most unnerving performances on the album with his creepy whispered vocals, shards of cruel laughter and outbursts of snared menace. It’s scary but brilliant stuff.


I am never speaking to Paul Worwood again.


A dream around every corner
My camera in hand
Still painting the pictures I don't understand
Our lives are just tainted inaction
We simply give up and move on
All blood is insane
We're too right to be wrong
Go home

My family, my keeper, my memory goes deeper
My father, my other, my choices remembered

Hello Dora, nice to see you
How have you been?
Where's my welcome kiss?
Just do as you're told girl
Have you seen the time Dora?
Dora, I thought I'd told you to tidy your room!